Thursday, April 14, 2011

These Trails

(Drag City) This reissue of a 1973 Hawaiian private press nature worshipping non-folkie hippie music LP will not be mother's milk to fans of either heavy psyche (the two tracks titled "Psyche" involve pleasant, mellow finger plucking with a little spooky singing thrown in) nor fans of private press ineptness (though thoroughy uncommercial, this couldn't sound more professional). However, fans of lite psyche will appreciate the mild ominousness of the psyche-ish tracks (especially the rushing wind in "Lost in Space," though I suspect that is an inaccurate interstellar sound effect), and perhaps fans of private recordings made by cults may be able to read something into these lyrics and the occasional creeping darkness in the mostly bright, blissful music. What everyone should dig is that this is really solid, fits no category, and seems to be made by folks invested 110% in a project that they likely did not consider a profession. I just hope McGarrett and Danno never found their stash.

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