Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Steve Hofstetter "Pick Your Battles"

(Next Round) I like comedy. It makes me laugh. On occasion. And I like old comedy records. And I like Hofstetter because he pretends to be doing observational comedy but he's really just dropping short joke after short joke which puts him in the old comedy record tradition of masters like Redd Foxx, even if his dry, measured delivery never evokes Foxxian foxiness. Then again, he's pacing himself: standup is a five minute medium and the cat's got an hour to deliver here. I'm kinda tickled at how he seems so proud of his edginess, begging the crowd to react to abortion and cocaine bits, and even doing several jokes about how he's too dirty for little kids to hear, making it seem like he's just a big kid proud of his naughtiness. Which is, of course, the right thing to be proud of. Best joke: "If you do meth you lose your teeth, but you need teeth to say 'meth.'"

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