Saturday, April 16, 2011

nrbq "Keep the Love Goin'"

(Clang) Although the lineup they had from the 70s thorough the 90s wasn't the actual original late 60s lineup, I always saw NRBQ as an act like the Four Tops or the Dells, where the chemistry and truth of the classic lineup was one of the most magical elements. Unfortunately, when Tops stopped spinning on this mortal coil at first it was cool when they went on as a trio, but it just started to sound wrong and bad as original voices were absent or replaced. I don't think the Dells have performed since Johnny Carter's death, which makes sense. But there's no doom to report about the new phase of NRBQ. The great, great, great news to report  is that they are excellent and are making fantastic music. Why shouldn't they? Terry Adams has been playing with the fine Terry Adams Quartet for years and though some may bristle at the recent name change from TAQ to NRBQ, I applaud this. Terry Adams can buy three goldfish and tour as NRBQ and if you refuse to see the show you are going to miss some primo entertainment, cuz Adams knows how to move a crowd. Chicagoans will be a bit biased about the new band because local boy made good Scott Ligon is exerting his influence on this Newer Rhythm Blues Quartet, and anyone who watched him tear up local stages for years can hear his writing, style, and chops driving this great CD. In fact, on the hot opener (a tribute to Boozoo Chavis) you can even hear Adams picking up a few musical tricks from Scott's brother Chris (Adams recently put out a Chris Ligon retrospective CD). But the best thing about this CD is that it's timeless and fun, which is the argument I've often heard about why NRBQ belong in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Adams and his co-horts, old and new, have always tapped into something that makes their music never sound dated and never sound dull. I hope Terry Adams VIII is leading NRBQ in the year 3010!

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