Monday, February 27, 2012

The Authorities “Kung-Pao Au Go-Go”

(Get Hip) There are a number of early-80s punk acts that revived themselves today that I can still dig, but it’s rare that I can get the kind of giddy amusement from their new recordings that I get from their old recordings. These Northern Cali legends deliver that on their new album, with some great tunes, that are speedy, ridiculous, and convincing when they command the listener to “bone your own” and “harvest your own corn.” Their signature mix of poppy punk and experimental weirdness continues, and is made more distinct by vocalist Curtis Clyde Hall’s well-worn, mature vocal cords.  Apparently these are mostly old songs they wrote back in the day and never recorded before, which explains a lot (like why a guy who sounds old enough to be making nursing home arrangements for his parents is singing about adolescent father-hate…though I doubt the post-modern salute to Suicidal Tendencies was part of the original concept), and if that’s the case, more power to them! I respect your Authorities! 

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