Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Taylor Swift – American Beauty

(VLF Films) While it's accurate, I am hesitant to say that this film is awful and content-free, because I am very impressed with its form. A cash-in DVD with no licensed photos or music (and only a few seconds of fair use re-sung lyrics), and pretty much no actual images of Swift or anything about her, this film thought about what the young singer’s teen fans would want, and wisely concluded that it wasn’t a bunch of middle-aged talking head rock critics or some Ken Burns-style public domain images dissolving one into another. So instead the film (which is shot with slick, soft focus production values resembling a feminine hygiene commercial) mixes reenactments of Swift getting positive reinforcement from her mom and honest record execs with testimonials and TS-history lessons from “fans,” a/k/a cute, but normal looking teen girls, and one super hunky young dude. Look for the heartbreaking 10-second, one-sided phone call of her Jonas breakup, and a scene wear the family computer repairman decides to give Taylor guitar lessons, in which the director briefly forgot that this wasn’t a porno.

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