Friday, February 10, 2012

Ride “Nowhere” special 20th anniversary edition

(Light in the Attic) Oh. I had left this CD sitting on my desk for months because I thought I knew who Ride were, some 90s shoegaze act that would probably make me yawn, and somehow (like their zappo-eyeballin’ brethren) make giant, expansive guitar noise dull. Oops. I wondered why both Light in the Attic (purveyors of only the most interesting archival dustings off), and Rhino Handmade, (the boutique company that releases 700-track Stooges studio outtakes and lost Josie and the Pussycats remasters), would bother with this 90s derivitive dullnessstuff. Ohhh…. See, what I forgot to find out twenty-years ago is that this is one of the most impactful, honest, oversized exercises in psyche rock made since the 60s, the vocalist sounds like Nico, and its bursting with gigantic hooks and melodic masterpieces as big as the guitar roars. This 20th anniversary edition apparently is expanded and special, but obviously I missed it the first time around so I’ll have to take their word, but the Jim Dero essay (good, but the music speaks for itself) and clippings in the book are cool, and you probably can’t have too many copies of this album. Once again, oops and ohhhh…..

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