Saturday, February 11, 2012

“Chicas! – Spanish Female Singers 1962-1974”

(Vampi Soul) The liner notes here make an argument that a revolution of genre-bending was occurring in Spanish female fronted pop in this era, but I suspect this is more a mish-mash of music related only by gender and release date…and I’m glad! It makes for some unexpected surprises, left turns and weird, unusual listening experience. Who doesn’t want to hear a mix of Motown, ye ye, twist music (Margarita’ Sierra’s “Cha Cha Twist” is one of my new fave songs), pop, spy rock, pseudo-psyche, ethnic explorations, rock n roll, soul, and kiddie rock, to name just some of the styles jumping around here. Fans of raucous rock be warned, most of these tracks have production that is relatively tame and slick (though not high budget slick), but that doesn’t stop the ladies from making some rock n roll off-kilter magic by adding some amazing growls (Pili y Mili), charmingly awkward English (Marisol, who I assume is a different chick than Marisel, who sings in charmingly awkward Spanish), and fiery vocals on jumping Judaica (Encarnito Polo’s flamenco-ized “Hava Nagila”). Great photos and spare byt informative liner notes makes this one of Vampis best releases yet.

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