Thursday, February 23, 2012


(Hewhocorrupts) They recently had a poll in the Sun-Times to vote for Chicago’s all-time greatest rapper, and somehow they left Chica-X…the Roxanne Shante-meet-Kriss Kross-meets-L’Trimm-meets-Peaches! Off the list OK, I guess she isn’t actually from Chicago proper, being from the Quad Cities, clear across the state, but it’s a relatively narrow state, and if Cheap Trick can open a pizza joint here, Chica-X can belong to us, too! The pre-teen would be tops on my list even if she didn’t shout out Chic-A-Go-Go on her latest cassette, as her age-appropriately awkward swagger and fun, sassy attitude makes her the best underage emcee since Linus narrated the Christmas show. To the library!

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