Monday, February 13, 2012

The Jettisoundz Promo Years DVD

(Screen Edge) How can anyone contemplate suicide when life continues, again and again, to offer unexpected, genuinely surprising joys all the time. I have no idea what t DVD is other than that something called “Jettisoundz” in the UK circa early 80s, I assume, made dozens of low budget music videos for the most interesting acts in the world, and I’ve never seen any of them before or had any inkling they existed! Reveling in the three hours of three minute masterpieces here I can’t be bothered to go online to supplement the meager four paragraph liner notes that only inform me that someone had a stroke and that there’s three more hours of these somewhere – who has time to surf the web when there’s Psychic TV, Toy Dolls, Alien Sex Fiend, Meteors, Robin Hitchcock, Michelle Shocked, Raunch Hands, and more! See a theme here? No you don’t, because this is an amazingly eclectic bushel of bands shot in either live or mimed or dramatic recreation mode (Jazz Butcher dancing with Bela Lugosi cutouts for “Meets Count Dracula”). In no way hampered by the ultra cheapness of such cable access fare as that Detroit show with the Misfits (or our own Chic-A-Go-Go), yet not hindered by the sterilizing high production values of something like JBTV (not to mention mainstream videos), these are just kooky, joyous, strange nuggets that had my jaw dropped for the full 200 minutes! Bands I’d forgotten (Phantom Creeps), never heard of (Crazy Tim & Sid, doing a rockabilly bowling tune), or never thought of in this form (the Hawkwind footage is not what you’d expect) thrill! You need this strange slab of synergy!

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