Friday, February 10, 2012

“Delirious Music for Delirious People”

(Delirious Insomniac) Freeform radio is a misunderstood concept. Non-commercial stations that let their DJs play what they want are considered by many (including Wikipedia I just learned) to be practitioners of the art, but I recall smoky conversations with grey ponytailed jocks of yore that claimed that in its original form it was really about a kind of rejection of genre, and classical and hippie and prog and country would intermingle. But the fact is, that is a better concept than a reality. What you really want is someone like Arvo Fingers having the freedom to play whatever they want and NOT feel obligated to mix it up. On this compilation culled from his Loyola’s WLUW radio show we get to hear a melange of weirdness, some genuinely strange, evil, dark, kooky, crazy sounds, seemingly from all over the map, but incontrovertibly argued here as to be cut from the same cloth. Who knew Boyd Rice, Mac Blackout, Gary Wilson, Jarboe, Haunted George, and Hans Grüsel were in the same musical bed? Arvo!

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