Monday, February 13, 2012

Charlie Megira & the Modern Dance Club “Love Police”

(Guitars and Bongos) Whoahhhh! Don’t know exactly what just hit me. The photos of the band on the inside gatefold look they were shot by Jim Jarmusch’s grandfather for an early 1950s road trip home movie that ended up being used as evidence in a homicide trial. The press material claims the band if Israeli, but the only evidence of that here is the Old Testament whoopass they put on musical convention. And the music? It’s hard to begin: I guess there doesn’t have to be any separation between garage rock, art noise, 1950s rock, 2050s roll, shoegaze, experimental experiments against nature, inside out jazz, soundtrack music, ambient strangeness, punk, and the guitar parts on the manliest Smiths records, but until now there always has been. And the guitar playing? What the hell? To be that good at all this stuff is kinda weird in itself, but to be willing to weird out when you could clearly be heralded as a virtuoso in any one genre pigeonhole makes Charlie the free-est, most odd flight pattern flying pigeon this side of the Wailing Wall. Note: Insert some joke about guitar wailing.

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