Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Are The Works In Progress

(Asa Wa Kuru) This handsome double LP is a benefit for Japanese relief, and what better way to help a country post-tsunami than with post-rock (or something close to it)? What’s actually most impressive about this collection is that unlike a benefit LP where a bunch of all-stars donate odds and sods, or record some corny “We Are the World” (which I suppose is being referenced in the title here, which would be the only thing approaching whimsy with this release), the diverse group of artists here, including Blond Redhead (who organized this), Deerhunter, Terry Riley, Interpol, and Four Tet, record somber, reflective pieces, all completely appropriate and thoughtful about the mood and theme of the project. Most are instrumental (the cinematic Broadcast track is an exception), and even the high bpm electronic dance thing by John Maus feels somehow solemn. 

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