Friday, February 24, 2012

Sheetah et les Weismüller “Evolution Francaise”

( There are two things I want to declare about this amazing record: Though I am extremely delighted by this band’s monkey-centric name, I more impressed that the French not only have their own spelling for Cheetah the chimp’s name, but also that they add an umlaut to Johnny “Tarzan” Weismulers’s! What I also want to make clear is that I apparently don’t know what “ye-ye” is. Listening to this sweet 60s psyche/pop/fuzz/flower rock album I keep hearing some element I can’t quite identify sweetening the sweetness and something in the back if my head says, ‘oh, that’s from French ye-ye music,” then I realize, I’m not sure what the hell that is! But I am sure that the Love-esque grooves of “La mauvaise graine” are likely to make Arthur Lee sit up in his grave and grave groove!

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