Sunday, February 12, 2012

Black Lake “Shake”

GUEST REVIEW BY GUNNART QUICKE ( Here’s something unusual to watch out for; a sturdy, red-orange square with a sparkly gem cluster dangling from its corner. Why? Because inside this insanely grab-able packaging is “Shake!” –the debut single by Black Lake; four, short, knockout songs of sweet, urgent intensity. From the very first moment with “Shake Your Body,” you have entered a crystallized nighttime of guitar-jangle poetry that feels event-like as it passes through your emotional core. The record is at times magisterial and righteous with it’s large volumes of implied space and water, only to become childish, even simpleminded by turns as the mysterious art-duo stoop to evoke the small, untidy detritus always edging in around us.  And damn if it doesn’t culminate all too quickly in a bright-heavy warning, the entreaty “Beware,” in which we might be stabbed in the throat or poisoned by moss! Fresh from some urban forest of our future/past, Black Lake have arrived fully formed, ready to serve up their heretical, poetical libations with new styled genius. 

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