Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Howlin Rain “The Russian Wild”

(American/Birdman) Incredibly impressive, but not impressively incredible, this arena psyche band has managed to organically combine all the great sounds of early 70s rock, and get everything right, somehow making Blue Cheer, CSNY, Ted Nugent, The Eagles, Elton, a little era-inappropriate Prince guitar, and a tinkle of piano lounge jazz fit together sensibly. The impressive part is how well they nail, and riff off of, the best 70s soft and hard rock. The next step will have to be cranking up the hooks or something, because even though all these tracks really sound like they came off a real, and really good, 70s LP, they come off as like awesome headphone-in-the-bedroom album tracks, not rock-out–in-your-fucking-car radio tracks. But can’t wait to hear the next howl.

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