Monday, February 13, 2012

Nardwuar the Human Serviette and the Evaporators “present Busy Doing Nothing”

(Mint) On the sleeve of this multimedia extravaganza Canadian cultural superhero Nardwuar isdressed as the Guardian, Marvel comics’ ripoff of the indie Canadian superhero Captain Canuck. But more importantly, on the grooves of this vinyl he proves to be a true defender of the Great White North by continuing his decades-long cheerleading of his country’s rock n roll heritage. In addition to NtHS’s band covering Pointed Sticks and Doug Routledge (who? You’ll find out!), he gets Franz Ferdinand to cover Pointed Sticks, Kate Nash to cover Cub (we first met Nardwuar in the 90s at Lounge Ax when he toured with Cub), and the Cribs to cover Dishrags. And the Evaporators sing about hanging out at the Vancouver radio station where Nard works, about a Vancouver murder from the 60s, about an 1859 Canada/US border dispute, and more. There’s also musical input from Andrew W.K., Fuad and the Feztones, and Jill Barber. But the greatest audio achievement on this all killer no filler LP is a succulent song about hotdogs in which Nardwuar gets Sage Francis to be funny and ridiculous. But if it were just a music album it wouldn’t be a Nardwuar product! There’s also an excerpt from one of his infamous interviews, voluminous, kooky liner notes, and the most incredible 2012-2014 calendar by Canadfian rock n roll shutterbug Bev Davies. Surpassing the great Nardwuar/Bev calendar they did years back, this one has simply the best photos you’ve ever seen of the best acts ever. Skinny Robert Smith? Got it. Viv of the Slits doing guitar yoga? No problem. Lux Interior with a psychobilly mullet? Check-o! PiL so close you can see the stitching on Johnny’s mod shirt? Ya-got-it? D. Boon commanding you to “Fight Using Your Balls?” But of course! Plus stunning stills of Joan Jett, James Brown, Girlschool, New Order and more. And most of these images of international superstars were shot in Canada, so the theme is intact! Doo doo!

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