Thursday, February 9, 2012

Railroad Semantics by Aaron Dactyl

(Microcosm) I met some hoboes (with their hobo dog) trekking through the Southside of Chicago last year and it was awesome. You can make fun of hipsters and steampunks and Portlandia caricatures and whatever all you want, but even if they’re pretentious or full of shit or doomed or crazy or boring, the fact is that if you actually do the part of hobo-ing where you hop the train and cross the country you are so fucking hardcore you get all the respect from me. That some hoboes fetishize the history and codes and symbols and language and lore and graffiti may make it nostalgic and precious, but it’s still awesome, as this beautifully designed book of stories, art, photos, and clippings makes clear. I’m hobo gung ho!

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