Friday, February 10, 2012

“The Rock Garage – Texas Live Concert Series Volume One”

( With Austin City Limits limiting itself to “classy” usually boring as hell bands this decade, it’s nice to see someone deep in the heart of Texas devoted to documenting live music by skanky, nasty, dirty, bottle breaking bands. Michael Crawford has spent the last few years catching live inanity from hard rockers like Honky, garage goons like the Ugly Beats, guitar behemoths like Amplified Heat, boozed up blooze acts like Churchwood, roots meets boots nastiness like the Hickoids, and ugly Americana like Dash Rip Rock (doing a Dr. Demento-type song about New Orleans, the Bush administration, and lesbian punnery),  This is not for feint of heart or Wilco of ipod, this is music to accompany your 13th Lone Star or to listen to after an execution.

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