Thursday, August 1, 2013

Razorcake #67, #68, #69, #70, #71, #72, #73, #74,# 75

( Issues #67 & #68 continue the magazine's recent mission of documenting early L.A. outsider punk with some great interviews/oral history stuff on the Stains. Mix in #67's Nardwuar archival Monkees interview from the 90s (which first revealed the Human Serviette's true genius, as his annoyingness revealed the true Micky my heartbreak) and #68's inclusion of Rev Norb's  geekiest record geek column in his thirty-year zine column career and you have a solid periodical! Although it features a good Consumers history/interview, #69 is most notable to me for featuring a huge ad taken out by MRR...I don't recall there ever being such exchanges between MRRFlipside! And, by the way, #70 has at least one interesting article...ABOUT US! The Roctober/Chic-A-Go-Go feature has multiple photos of Miss Maiya, our child labor intern! #71 is cool because of a lengthy, comprehensive Kid Congo interview, but more importantly, because there are now as many full page comics "columns" as those old fashioned "words and paragraphs"columns. #72 has a genuinely great Eric Friedl (Goner/Oblivians) interview, and a Rev. Norb account of the great recent Chicago Rezillos concert, which accurately talks about how amazing the band was, amusingly recounts a Star Trek anecdote I can verify, and sadly but poignantly invokes the terrible attempted suicide car crash that took away John, Doug, and Michael, three of Chicago's fave rock n roll characters. But he leaves out a couple of things. First of all, Tutu and the Pirates were amazing opening up. But more importantly, my reliable friend Dutchie assures me that during "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight" the raucous skinheads in the front were meekly seig heiling, apparently not to be seen or to make a point, but seemingly to fulfill some inner yearning that welled up in them when they actually got to hear their beloved, Oi-ish anthem live for the first time ever. As poignant a virulently racist moment as you'll see at a punk reunion show ever! #73 is even better as it features not only Monsieur Jeffrey Evans and and a draeing of Rat Fink with Ramones records, but also  a blow by blow account of the debut of the new Roctober house band, Ratso and the Rabbits! In #74 Nardwuar faces Death, Snakepit counts calories, and we learn how Sci Fi is kinda punk. And #75 raises the bar with an oral history of Memphis' Lost Sounds!

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