Monday, August 5, 2013

Red Temple Spirits

(Independent Projects Records) I have never even heard of this band, yet listening to this deluxe 3-disc (plus beautiful packaging) reissue of their two late 80s albums, “Dancing to Restore An Eclipsed Moon” and “If Tomorrow I Were Leaving For Lhasa, I Wouldn’t Stay A Minute More…,” I feel like I grew up with them. This psychedlic goth that makes Bauhaus-style gloom more richly beautiful than you’d expect has graceful, tastefully jangle guitar work and understated drumming and foreboding vocals seems like a classic, important crucial sound, a key building block in modern dark pop, even if not enough people knew to play with the blocks. A cloak of midnight darkness (and midnight monster movies) eclipses, and embraces, the sunshine-drenched psyche flights of the 60s.  A soaring, yet punky, heavy  cover of “The Nile Song” made me wish I was Moses in the reeds checking this out for the first time. I got the Spirits!

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