Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Giddle & Boyd “Going Steady with Peggy Moffitt”

(Discriminate Audio) Giddle Partridge and Boyd Rice create a slice of ridiculously delicious musical birthday cake that takes the gretest ingredients found in teenage pop, punk, French pop, and your dreams and squeezes into a pink, heart-shaped vinyl EP. Boyd explores his seductively creepy side, and Giddle her seductively seductive side by genuinely capturing the magic of Serge and Bardot on loyal covers of “Bonnie & Clyde” and “Contact.” Suicide, with Stooges confidence and Archies gloss, is channeled on “Rocket USA.” And jaw dropping originals (or originals-esques, as highlights of pop history are sublimely sampled in music and tone, with the Shangri-Las most overtly embraced) inform us not only that Ms Giddle’s vagina is made of bubble gum, but that Boyd is capable of making garage goodness so fine it makes you forget all past perceived indiscretions…even when he includes the word “SS” and jackboot sound effects on a track!

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