Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers “Twisted Tales”

( When I heard Jonathan Winters died my first thoughts were, “His final legacy will be Smurfs 2!” But I have no such head shaking contemplating late Doors’ keyboardist Manzarek’s last work. Though the kind of quirk art blues rock he did with quirk art blues rocker Roy Rogers may not appeal to all, it is so proud and bold there is no doubt the collaboraters were thrilled with it. Some Doors-haters may find some of the majesty and poetic aspirations unpleasantly familiar, but I do not like the Doors myself, and I love the weirdness here, which is more Beefheart as bar band than Morrison Hotel lounge. There is a goofy song here about what police talk about that is so absurd, and Ray goes so nuts with his cop impersonation, that I defy anyone to not enjoy it, even if you hate it! Other Voices indeed! 

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