Friday, August 9, 2013

Epicycle “You’re Not Gonna Get It (1978-1981)”

(Hozac) Epicycle may not be the most respected early Chicago New Wave act, but then again, who is? Phil N the Blanks? Maybe Skafish at the time, but now? Ayhow, there are a few reasons this band may be under-loved. First off, they didn’t break up! Which is awesome in many ways, but fans of the poppy bar band from the 90s or 2010 may not dig their edgier power pop of the Jane Byrne-era, and potential 70s-heads may have been turned off by the slicker stuff they heard over the last thirty years. Also, for punk fans they were kind of everything but – some garage, some pre-Paisley Underground 60s revival, some radio pop – plus they actually had a song called “Hardcore Punk” that is anything but – I can imagine a Naked Raygun fan hearing this years later and getting pissed off. But whatever the reaon is that this band set to table to allow for glorious rediscovery, one thing that can’t be blamed is talent – the songwriting, playing, and pop sensibilities on the 14 tracks featured here are stellar. I am now hearing these songs in my head all the time…does that mean I’m Epipsychic?

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