Thursday, August 1, 2013

Michael Jackson: the Untold Story of Neverland d. by Larry Nimmer

( Nimmer had what could have been five minutes of Michael Jackson asterisk time –-  during the big last (while he was alive, not counting the new ones) Jackson trial Nimmer was hired to shoot some video at Neverland for the defense team. Thankfully for Jackson fans he is the kind of bold “copyright criminal”/free speech advocate that decided to stretch his five minutes into an hour-plus of Jackson time by crafting a documentary about his experience, the trial, his footage, the victory party, and Jackson’s supporters high and low. There is no groundbreaking footage here, but there is some wonderful ephemera – I love seeing Michael’s home and furniture and glimpses of his actual life – not the weirdness he put on for the media and the media ran with in ways that destroyed the pop superhero. Not a slick production, and not for those with no investment, but Jackson diehards would be foolish to not seek this out.

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