Thursday, August 8, 2013

Olympic “Everybody!”

(Munster) Don’t write off Czechs your ass can’t cash! That error is proven by this pre-Beatlemania beat band that’s still rockin’ in some form a half century later. Over the years they did strange 60s psyche, Tin Pan Alley-tinged garage, space walk excursions, straight up beat jams, and one or two wild and crazy wah wah freakouts from Czecholslavakia! They should have called this album “Everything!” because in addition to what I mentioned, during their ’65-’71 heyday they would also make poppy porn soundtrack cuts, drugged out Beatles experiments, borderline Byrds country-tinged flytes, fuzzy proto punk turbo skiffle…need I go on? It must be the kolaches…it’s hard to believe every country has a long-standing band this badass!

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