Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lyres "A Promise is a Promise"

(Munster) There is supposed to be a dead space between the dreary, awful 80s recordings of the Midnight Records-era garage revival and the trashier, tastier Estrus/Planet Pimp/Ripoff 90s revival. But no one told Monoman. He never cut back or compromised his own campy form of Cramps-ism/punked out archival revival garage mess rock he’d nurtured in the 70s with DMZ. He delivered timeless rock when everyone else was messing with instantly dated 80s effects. This late 80s material manages to be raw, spare, rich sometimes sexy, sometimes spy rockin’, sometimes Bowery punk messy --- the Lyres were telling the musical truth! And though anything more than a dozen Lyres tracks may be overkill, some Live in Holland burners (really working the crowd) ain’t no Ly!

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