Friday, August 9, 2013

The Vibrators “On the Guest List”

(Cleopatra) A solid set of songs by the Vibrators with guest vibrations from new and old friends, many of which shine like a…glow in the dark vibrator? Some guitar heroes deliver their signature sound, elevating the always catchy Vinrator catalogue (listen to Ross the Boss, Walter Lure, and old collaborator Chris Spedding), some are surprising (Wayne Kramer’s sound going somewhere new), some are better than you’d expect (Vibrators + Die Toten Hosen = awesome!?! Who knew?) and some are less than the sum of their parts (I would have expected Dickies meet Vibrators to rule, but I guess Dickies are naturally jealous of Vibrators when you thing about it). Definitely one of the more interesting ways to present your greatest hits!

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