Friday, August 30, 2013

M.O.T.O. "Golden Quarter Hour of..."

(Rerun) First off, if one is weaned on hardcore punk, there is no better format than the 8 (or more) song 7" EP! So I'm already sold before I slap the needle on the grooves. Sure 7.5 minutes per side might sound a might murky, but if Paul C. has taught us anything over the last 100 years and 1000 songs it's that his near-jingle catchy, off kilter pop tunes don't need no steenking fidelity to soar. This diverse suite of songs features some impressively mature, sensitive, nuanced compositions...and some beautiful messes! And a song where he just rocks out to the refrain "All City seven years in a row!" which is somehow repeated 400 times in 75 seconds. Paul, give yourself some've been all world for at least 30 years!

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