Friday, October 9, 2020

Radio Ready Texas Volume 1

(2013, Cheap Rewards) This collection of Lone Star power pop rarities circa 1978-1983 is really nice. First note: The Haskells are not the Midwestern record collector thirst trappers The Haskels, and despite this nerdy track soundsing way to much like the Happy Days theme, it actually earwormed me and is now my fave track from the comp, but it's definitely not the best. Amarillo's amazing Amatones are awesome as I endorse any new wave cabaret novelty song about cosmetic surgery. Bette ryet are The True hearts, who deliver slightly sour power pop that captures the underlying sadness that's a frequent foundation of the genre. But really killing it are The Rattlecats, who have the most caveman-sounding track (though only the second most sound-like it-was recorded-in-cave track, trailing the lo fi Tex-trasher by the U.S. Mods.). Keeping Austin seared this song proves that pop hooks and garage rock teen muck can go hook in hook.

1  jumbly handclaps make this a winner

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