Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Amazing Adventures of Pleaseeasaur


(Comedy Central, 2006) JP Hasson certainly won our hearts with his American Sheriff persona, which involved being a character and dressing up, and who didn't love JP Incorporated, a multimedia extravaganza that was a pummeling tsunami of pleasantly earworm-ish commercial jingles for fictional businesses. But for my shekels, you can't beat Pleaseeasaur, in which he had characters and dress up and jingles for fictional businesses! Revisitng this DVD is a pleasure, as the 2nd cheapest cartoon team from Adult Swim (this is limited animation from the Sealab 2021 gang, but let's never forget Tom Goes to the Mayor, a cartoon featuring Xeroxes of actor's faces that didn't move) helps create a loose narrative resembling an adventure that connects JP's many handsome alter egos (the Pizza Brothers, the Abominable Snowman, Dr. Laser [spoiler alert - it's actually D.R. Laser], and the heroic Pleaseeasaur, a limo driving sonic blasting superdude). If he sung 7% better better, or his songs were 4% more jingle-worthy, or he was 11% less weird, then JP's good looks and ambition and winner's attitude might make him less sympathetic to the common comedy fan, but that math considered, this is so strange and delightful that you love the guy. LOVE HIM! And only want all his characters to live happily ever after eating pizza and ramen in a limo wearing cool jeans, and bobbing their heads to the respective theme songs for each product.

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