Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Destructors "Politika II"

(Rowdy Farrago, 2015) This releease celebrated/damned the 2015 General Election in England, whixh was a Conservative triumph, although the Destructors didn't give a shit who won, because all politicians are corrupt hypocrites, politics is all a trick, anarchy is the best political philosophy (though revolution is worth celebrating), and because the ultimately urge their listeners to don't vote, because "it only encourages them." Not the hardest stances to take or most difficult songs to write if you have devoted decades to being a crust-adjacent (Crass is the only cover song included) working man's punk band, but it is still impressive they can get the fury and bile up almost forty years after they started destructing. Also, this album contains a song that makes a convincing case that the Destructors are better than the Clash. Ok, not the real Clash, but play the "Cut the Crap" album track 'This is England" back to back with the different song of the same title by Destructors (which also appears on their pub song anthem album, "Beer Goggler") and there is no doubt who would win your vote in that election. But don't vote, it only encourages them.

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