Saturday, October 3, 2020

Rock 'N' Rainbow "Let's Boogie"

 (, 2014) This is a children's group where everyone is a color and (sorta) a rock n roll genre. There's a Blue Elvis, a disco diva named Lady Red, and a yellow Elton John looking dude. And best of all, they feature a glamrock alien named Purple Stardust. All that said, not a lot of alien glam here. They pull off the kids rock trick of sounding like they are rocking without much volume or power, but their biggest hit BY FAR (12 million Youtube hits, vs. less than 300 for Blue Elvis' not-at-all-Also Sprach Zarathustra-esqutheme song) is about wrinkly elephants and is a pretty standard Rock-n-Roll-free Romper Room-ish singalong. And though I LOVE Purple Stardust's makeup and violet Chucks, is he really more glam than Romper Room's funky Bee?

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