Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Baja Bug "The Surf Will Ride Again"


(Double Crown, 2020) There's that totally bogus chestnut about sex and pizza, that even when it's bad it's good (which dismisses Dominos and date rape), but that logic seems kind if true-er with instrumental surf rock. To be more specific, there is definitely a bottom ten percent of quality that is unlistenable, and a top ten percent that is genius, but if you are not a true aficionado, it seems like the middle 80% of the bands are in a virtual tie. As long as they stay traditional and don't get too experimental or break rules (which few do), you are dealing with pretty similar stock. But then again, what's not to love? Back in the surf revival era from whence this great die-hard surf music label boarded there was the option of dressing up in halloween costumes, which I support 112%, but musically as a fan (but not superfan, or guitar gearhead, or surf music historian) I only hear a few small differences, so what makes me like a record a lot is a matter of inches. This record I like a lot. These Norwegian hodads crank up the reverb/echo effects to give an almost underwater vibe, and there's Farfisa, and there's just enough distant-cousin-to-Morricone cinematic X-factor here. But if you need me to get more specific, unfortunately, I'm back in bogus sex pizza territory: surf music is good!

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