Monday, October 5, 2020

Betty Machete & the Angry Cougars “Guts” b/w “Destroy You,” “Rats” b/w “Mexico,” Betty Machete/Hexers split 7”, ColumbusBlood 2015 comp,

(Break Up/Dull-Fi),  Pat Dull has made it his mission since at least the nineties (when I first heard his Media Whores) to let the world know that Columbus, OH has some musical mojo (or at least make the locals feel better about their burg). The second comp of local non-losers includes some genuine rock n roll music by the bouncy Mr. Tiger, the thrilling Comrade Question, the pop-ska Washington Beach Bums, and the spooky Will Foster. His own band, Betty Machete & the Angry Cougars, unleashes furiously fun punk-ed rock, perhaps the wildest being the “Kill For Fun,” made even crazier by being on the flipside of 
Columbusblood volume 1’s slinky Hexers. I almost got into a fight with bikers last time I was in a Columbus club, and the only act of kindness I was offered involved locals offering to steal another band's gear to sell to me, so I bet there’s some serious challenges to keeping up the rock ‘n’ roll spirit in that particular hole in the rustbelt, but Dull seems excited to be up to the challenge.

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