Monday, October 5, 2020

Young Mango


(United Sodas of America) This pop comes in a can painted with a thick coat of matte finish paint with rough-hewn tactile thing going on. I will not lie, I tried it because this look/feel seemed cool and high end and I thought it might taste amazing. It tasted good, with a distinct, fresh mango flavor, but kind of light, somewhere between the whisper flavor La Croix non-pops and 25 cent store brand pop. And that's the rub: quarter pop exists, and this was $2.99 for one heavily painted can. Is it twelve times a good? Naw. Will I try another flavor some day because the design and pant and inclusion of basil or elderflower convinces me I am in for something otherworldly? If I just got paid, probably. But I am working part time, am still short on rent on most paydays, and but pulled the trigger on a watermelon rind-colored White Sox cap, so I am a reckless financial buffoon and don't take financial advice from me, I suck. That said, $3 can of pop?!?

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