Monday, October 5, 2020

Raju Tikha Mix

('s a spot in my neighborhood called Rajun Cajun that I believe was originally a southern food-themed franchise, with the dishes presented cafeteria style, that is run by an Indian family who subsequently started filling half the steamers with homemade Indian recipes (all very good). So for the past 30 years it has been half fried chicken, macaroni, and biscuits, and half tandoori chicken, sag paneer and samosas. Anyhoo, I stopped in for a mango lassi the other day and in front of the register on a platter was just one big bag of this snack, as if it was for sale, but not as if there were any more bags for sale, nor as if they actually carried the product (I have never seen it there before). It was just kind of weird. So naturally I bought it. Subsequently, I am not a fan. Despite the promise of spicy fried mixed lentils, green peas and Spanish peanuts, and an abundance of peas on the bag photo, this was almost all gram flour snack, like 98.3 percent. And while it was not bland, the spiciness hit my palette less like the fragrant wonder of Indian cuisine and more like the simulated phlegmy feeling you get from drinking Sunny D. But mainly, there were barely any of the promised-peas or other supplements to offset the dry gram flour shards. Full disclosure: This did get spilled in my car and amongst dry (and non Cheeto-dyed) snacks tikha mix might be the worst to try to clean up, so I may be holding a grudge. But even if you take the bus or don't care if your car is trash, I cannot cosign for this one.


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