Thursday, October 8, 2020

Dee Alexander "Songs My Mother Loves"

(BluJazz, 2014) When I see Dee Alexander enter a room, even if she isn't going to sing, my life gets better. Her otherworldly voice has raised my spirits and given me hope so many times that just to be reminded she exists uplifts me. An AACM member, Dee can get as far out as unknown planets, but give her standards, as on this album, and not many alive can do it as well. During this year in this world I need to be reminded of the magic of living, and of living in Chicago, where I get to hear Dee and Junius and Corey, and Ari, and Tomeka, and Miguel...all these people come here to play music! And that a higher power gave her that voice and that smile is almost too much. Please listen to this record.

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