Monday, October 5, 2020


(Dulces De La Rosa) After getting so into the candy-coated Pulparindots recently I decided to dive into this classic tamarind candy (sort of like a brown, sticky, salty, chili pepper enhanced Laffy Taffy). The regular version tastes like sweet/salty/tangy tamarind pulp, and actually has no artificial flavors added, because the base is so strong. Which made me curious about the flavored versions, so I got mango and watermelon ones as well. The melon was not exactly the best 30 cents I've ever spent, because this is still a tamarind pulp candy, and you can only put another flavor next to it, you can't actually overtake the tamarind flavor, and artificial watermelon was no match for the Gooey God of Mexican candy. The mango was a little better, kind of complex, but still pretty inferior to the original flavor. I have yet to try the Picante flavor or get a Gigante version, so there is still more to live for in this cruel world.

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