Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Peer Pressure "Sounds (A.K.A. Music)"


(Rerun, 2013) Recorded in 1980 and self-released with a design mimicking the generic food aisle in the grocery store (four years before Marvel's non-legendary "Generic Comic Book," which I recall having a decent story, where a kid gets super powers from the radiation from his glow-in-the-dark toys and wax injection mold museum souvenirs), the Peer Pressure record was unknown, but eventually became legendary. This non-functioning band was a home recording Connecticut duo that did not seem the see any difference between new wave and Dr. Demento, so their amazing nutty songs can as easily pass for real punk as they can be dismissed as goofy novelty rock. The canonization as punky goodness was mainly achieved when the song "Sound of the 80's" became a Killed By Death mystery punk treasure. I personally prefer "That's Why They Call 'Em Moms," a delightfully catchy slice of mom cheerleading mixed with light Oedipal issues. "Underachiever," sung in a Poindexter high school kid nerd voice reveals the full Barnes n Barnes/Weird Al destiny this band could have had, but alas, they stopped barely existing before Reagan's hostage freeing inauguration. And remained lost until record researchers Jason Litchfield and Ryan Richardson tracked down their story and found a little more music to release. All of that, seven songs in total, is included in this double single which manages to be a lush reissue while still looking totally generic! Dementoids rejoice!

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