Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Rudy Ray Moore "Step It Up and Go"


(Crashing the Party, 2019) This devastatingly perfect artifact should win the Design of the Decade award. A ten inch record with vintage touches and flourishes on every inch (all ten of 'em) with magnificent artwork by Tommy Bishop, this is worth thrice the price even if you didn't listen to the music. BUT LISTEN TO THE MUSIC! In just ten tight tracks ("When you choose a record on the Crashing the Party label you are assured of hearing ten songs on one ten-inch disc") this spotlights the hottest cuts, rarest radio spots, and alternate takes from Rudy's pre-Dolemite days. The liner notes (possibly Linna notes, as this label is a spinoff of Miriam Linna and Mark Miller's radio show, and most of these songs appeared on Norton's Rudy retrospective) never even refer to his 70s career, keeping the period vibe intact. In Eddie Murphy's Rudy Ray movie they clown his 50s R&B groovers then lionize his revival of that era with the amazing scene featuring the Lady Reed duet, so even if you try you cannot deny the turban contemporary sounds of the artist formally known as Prince Dumarr. These songs are so good, this record is so cool, and in these troubling times, you deserve this!

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