Saturday, October 10, 2020

Colorshop Volume 1


(, year unknown) This fascinating foggy filmstock compilation features a curated collection of lat 60s/early 70s TV commercials. Highlights include some kooky creatures: there was a Seven Up bottle body woman, a very strange walk around wizard mascot at Magic Mountain, Zuper Duper fruidrink animals (if you cleaned the cartons [or not] you could make stacking [sticky] hybrid beast toys), and Bubble Yum's mascot the Flavor Fiend, who looks  a little like a Muppet but sounds a lot like one, as the voice is a Jim Henson impersonator. The jury is out as to whether FF is better than the current BY mohawk duck.  Other highlights include Kool Aid destroying a bowling alley. In a more mellow ad aimed towards black consumers, the Kool Aid admen posit that you never outgrow it, if you're a crying baby, a dashiki-clad dad or church elders,  Also, there were a LOT of milk ads in the 1970s. The bonus feature is a school filmreel about kids watching out for deceptive commercials, and I learned a lot, thoug hfailed the quiz at the end.

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