Thursday, October 8, 2020

Angel Bat Dawid "Transition East" b/w No Space For Us"

(International Anthem, 2020) It's tempting to talk about Angel Bat Dawid as Chicago's greatest young creator in experimental jazz, but "young" seems a relative term. On the one hand, because of her exuberance and energy and youthful beauty I always think she is younger than her government age, but on the dominant hand, it seems likely she is actually from ancient Egypt, or is a time traveller from the distant future. Honoring the AACM and Sun Ra, the artist creates brave sonic atmospheres that are so textured with instinctual, yet deeply thoughtful, decisions and patterns. Inspired by the book Make Some Space, by Emma Warren, about the energy and magic of social creative spaces (there were some limited edition book and record sets), Bat Dawid travels through space, with a thrilling solo recording and a riveting, percussion-rich piece with her clarinet playing against Ben LaMar Gay's horn. Declaring the Afrofuture to be today, Bat Dawid has delivered a intergalactic treasure.

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