Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Embarrassment "Patio" b/w "Sex


(Last Laugh, 1980/2011) The Embarrassment were only around for a few flashes in 80s Kansas, and never hit big, but there are some people who love, love, love what this band did in their heyday (they have had more deep dive compilation/rarities albums then actual albums released, and their "big" label debut/swan song they made in '89 featured some re-recordigns of earlier songs). This reissue of their debut 45 shows why: they had the formula for what would soon be called College Rock and become the powerful radio format "Alternative" in the limper grip of bands like REM, but seemed a little wilder and vaguely darker. "Sex Drive" (about a car trip, not a libido, though libido is involved) is super memorable and ridiculous and mighty, and if I could get them back together 30 years after the BAR/NONE label mis-shot their shot, I'd have them re-record it again!

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