Saturday, October 10, 2020

Elia Y Elizabeth "El Onda de..."


(Vampi Soul, 2014) In the early 70s by young sisters who perform in the enchantingly eerie harmonics only achieved by sharing vocal cord-DNA. Working with arranger Jimmy Salcedo they released some records and were all over TV before quitting the biz to go back to school. But in that brief time peridod they created the grooviest music, with post-folkie simplicity kissed by the complexity of psyche and Tropicalia and Latin groves and funk. All these tracks are cool and soothing while also feeling intensely dense with audio action. I have been listeningto this for days and it makes my world better.  All the songs are written by big sis Elia Fleta (although one outlier is obviously "Kicks" by Paul Revere slightly altered into a sexy song about nightmares) and they are all beautiful and magical.

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