Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Destructors "131313 (Malchance)"


(Rowdy Farrago, 2014) This came out on my birthday, 3/31 (a decent present, thanks guys!), although 1/31 or 1/13 would have been better because it would have been the 13th month of 2013, as this is the last release in their year series (6/6/06, 7/7/07, 8/8/08 through 2/12/12, all with themes that match the numbers/dates). This has a bad luck theme, and it's a broad definition, with songs about damnation, bad attitude, and addiction, and an extra heavy dose of covers, including earth's favorite band (some aggro portraits of the sad sack characters of "Eleanor Rigby") and my favorite band (a relatively loyal version of the monks magnificent "I Hate You"). Getting to hear the Destructors play one of the best songs ever (and do it very well) feels like a rabbit's foot four leaf clover lucky charm moment for me, so while I liked this album a lot, thematically it fails.

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