Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Destructors/Cretin 77 split "Divide et Impera"

(Rowdy Farrago, 2014) Cretin 77 sound like they may actually be '77 punk reenactors, like the guys that devote themselves to perfectly recreating Civil War battles. So not cosplay, but hardcore devotion. But not devotion to hardcore, because that was after '77. Maybe their song "Killer Kane" is about the New York Dolls, which is before '77, but because their British '77 punk vocals are so period perfect I could not make out the lyrics, so I rescind that criticism (and for the same reason, I can go on assuming their song "Johnny's Story" is about the Pistols and not know if I'm wrong or right). When our ragged heroes the Destructors kick in with a jarringly patriotic anthem on track four we are both transported back to the actual 70s from whence they came and reminded of the timelessness of scuzzy rowdy pub punk.

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