Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Stupids "Demonstration Tape, 1989"

(Alona's Dream, 2015) This British hardcore band had a nice 80s run where they seemed funny and stupid and ridiculous, but getting bigger and older and more worldly will sap the fun out of any band, and it's hard to imagine the Stupids would have been good in the 90s (especially in hindsight, as Tom went on to Drum 'n' Bass glory, which is actually better sounding than many routes adult hardcore kids took). So it's pretty surprising that that these demos from '89, right before the dissipated, have emerged and they are balls out, delightful, furious fun. With tentative Chicago connections (Iain Burgess, who helped Big Black sound bigger, if not blacker,  produced this, and the Stupids sometimes went by the Coolest Retards, named after a Chicago punk zine) it's only proper that one of our labels should release this beast. This is stupid fresh!

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