Monday, March 14, 2011

the book bindery. by Sarah Royal

( I imagine these detailed, rich, funny, sometimes bizarre, lovingly told work stories have quite a bit universality -- although I fear too many people have labored only at corporate, personality-free workplaces, even most TGI Fridays, Staples, or patent law offices have strange personalities, goofy power dynamics, and wiggle room for levity and mischief. Of course, unlike Sarah's experiences, they won't have cross-dressing bosses, mysterious mafia bar lunch joints, and classic rock dudes...oh wait, every company has classic rock dudes working somewhere. What makes this book extra special to Chicagoans is the snapshot of a weird neighborhood filled with great local characters that ring so true to our odd awesome city. That Sarah also explains how book binding works, gives a feel for her bike and bus commutes (including her friendship with  a sad, lovely bus buddy), and conveys more thrill than drudge in describing her work days makes this an awesome read.

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