Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Matadors "Get Down From the Tree

(Munster) Czech yourself before you wreck yourself, or more likely wreck your furniture dancing around your living room to these 60s beat/psyche/soul-ish tracks from what I'm being told was Czechoslovakia's top band in the late 60s. Highlights here include the Seeds-esque "Don't Bother Me," the bouncy title track,  a spaced out groove explosion of a "Shotgun" cover, a go go dancing version of the Popeye cartoon theme song, and a super heavy track called "Malej Zvon Co Mám," and you all know what that means! (According to my golem friend it means "our Budweiser kicks your Budweiser's as "). I don;t want to act like this is the greatest lost band of all time, burt I do want to guarantee that if you trac this down you will find at least 4 or 5 songs that will blow your gourd!

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