Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chase Hamblin "A Fine Time"

( (Guest Review by John Batlles) Chase Hamblin is a songwriter of contrasts, not contradictions. His carefully orchestrated compositions never seem overblown. And his voice is both high-pitched and authoritative, kind of like Leonard Grave Phillips if he took himself seriously. Fans of, oh, I dunno, Nilsson, Badfinger, Hollies, Kinks, Brian Wilson, and maybe even that Lil' Ol Band of Randy Scouse Gits will probably enjoy this profusely. You'd swear this guy wears his hair long and straight, with a top hat and a black suit (and, you' be correct) while he acts as Ringmaster in his own Rock'n'Roll Circus.  Sometimes you can hear a pin drop even as horn or string sections weave in and out of the mix, and straight up rock guitars and Hammond B3 organ enter the ring. There's even a garage rock-derived number, if you're patient. Hamblin is a name to watch out for in the near future. His musicianship, songwriting, and singing are all tasteful and confident, and his command of the studio is remarkable. And, guys, you might want to put this on when she's over. 

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